RmediaAds springs to life

Although our mobile media buying team was initially part of the Three Spring Media brand, we saw an explosion of interest and demand in mobile marketing. The team grew so rapidly that in 2021 we decided to create RmediaAds, a company purely dedicated to in-app advertising.

The Rmedia team has over 15 years of combined experience in online media, buying traffic specifically in the app niche. George Kuleshov, our Head of Media, is like our in-house Yoda. He has his finger on the pulse and ensures our team is well-versed in the latest trends, strategies, and new industry developments and standards, such as privacy laws and data regulations.

Rami Ben Ahron

CEO, Co-founder

Rami Ben Ahron is the Co-founder and CEO of Rmedia Ads and its parent company, Three Spring Group. Rami is a dynamic leader with a proven track record of success in the advertising industry. With over 20 years of experience building companies using a hands-on management style to establish strong partnerships and increase business, he launched Rmedia Ads in 2021 to better serve the needs of a new generation of clients who take a mobile-first approach to their marketing. His vision and leadership have helped to drive significant growth and success for the company.

My passion for cooking parallels my role in the business world, as both require creativity and the ability to blend ingredients and flavors or company visions with the right team to create something exceptional. Whether experimenting with a new dish or working on a new product, I like to take chances, test my intuition and push the boundaries without being held back by the risk of failure.

Ron Shtalrid


 As Co-founder of Rmedia Ads and Three Spring Group, its parent company, Ron Shtalrid used his financial acumen and strategic decision-making to help build and grow the company. He has over a decade of experience in affiliate marketing with a focus on maximizing ROI, which he gained while working in leadership positions at international companies, including William Hill and iBus Media. Before transitioning to the media industry, Ron held multiple technical positions at Comverse, Amdocs, and Fundtech.

Kitesurfing is my hobby and a way of life. As a kite surfer, you must wait for the perfect conditions to enter the water. In real life and business, you have to wait and carefully choose the right time to make decisions. So no matter where I am – patience is the key!

Asaf Henig

Head of Business Development

Asaf Henig’s professional journey has taken him from a Lead Generation Specialist at Perion and Conduit to the Head of Business Development at Rmedia Ads. With experience in marketing automation, business development, and B2B sales, Asaf is a versatile professional with a history of successfully building large lead pipelines and driving sales through multiple channels. He is also a skilled software developer who has developed Android applications and websites for clients

As a professional tennis player for over 25 years, I gained invaluable skills such as discipline, perseverance, and focus, which have also served me well off the court. While I don’t compete with my colleagues, I often apply my sportsmanship mentality to the job, pushing myself to do the best job every time I walk into the office.

George Kuleshov

Head of Digital Media

As a Head of Digital Media at Rmedia Ads and Head of Media at Three Spring Media, George Kuleshov leads a dedicated team that has helped numerous clients exceed their digital marketing goals through innovative and data-driven strategies. Before joining Three Spring Group, he honed his campaign management and optimization skills at Zoomd, Semantinet, and Marimedia Ltd.

During my leisure time, I like to hit the gym or practice Muay Thai to blow off steam after a long day in the office. Both activities are about taking action rather than talking about it, which is the same approach I take at work – it’s about actually doing something and continuing to practice my craft to improve

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